A Christmas Prince + The Ref

We did it! In solidarity with those 53 poor souls that watched Netflix’s A Christmas Prince, we watched it too. And we combined it with Dennis Leary’s The Ref for a sequel we’re calling #TheChristmasTherapist! Listen for underground and unconventional divorce therapy from a thief, bombs made out of tootsie rolls, and a cursed snow woman. Listen-watch with us! https://soundcloud.com/user-984668049/a-christmas-prince-the-ref

Heathers + The Man with One Red Shoe

Another Tom Hanks episode on the books! This one is a dark romantic comedy with a big twist. We have a meet-cute involving meat cubes, evil-trained birds, a new, revealing clothing line, drug trafficking, CIA stings, and awkward BBQs – in the new sequel called Taboo! Listen-watch with us!

Mean Girls + Everything Must Go

Its close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking from the dark… or something like that. In this episode, we mashed up Tina Fey’s Mean Girls and Will Ferrell’s Everything Must Go into an epic thriller with an ivory trade, mafia, evidence planting and short term memory loss.

The Italian Job + Armageddon

This time it was The Italian Job and Armageddon! Prepare your ears for conspiracies of repeated scenes, possibly inaccurate asteroid science, fade black powerpoint tips and references to Short Circuit and Reading Rainbow! #italianjob #armageddon

Moonrise Kingdom + Grease

This joint sequel is part musical, part recovery mission and it all happens at summer camp! Listen for hidden babies in the forest, moonlight dance scenes, boats named #ShakeShack, all told from the perspective of Bill Murray’s log of events. #moonrisekingdom #grease

Good Will Hunting + Good Burger

Good Will Hunting and Good Burger unite in this sequel we’ve titled The Sixth Senseless! Naturally, the joining of these two movies turns into a superhero flick with Kenan and Kel and Damon and Driver fighting against evil corporate business, MondoSanto. Complete with cameo from Al Pacino and #scentofadamon #sixthsenseless #zombodia #goodwillhunting #goodburger